Audit and Certification
Fritz Institute identified an audit process to enable NEPARC members to be assessed and certified for achieving world-class standards in management capability, transparency and accountability. The first round of audits, conducted by SGS, implemented a benchmarking process that assessed organizations for their transparency and accountability on dimensions such as: management, operations procedures, continuous improvement, board member independence, fund-raising efficiency, resource allocation, staff and volunteer assessment.

Audits have already been carried out at eleven national societies and Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique and Ivory Coast have successfully passed the audit and received 12 months accreditation while Rwanda and Ethiopia passed with even with higher marks and have received 18 months accreditation. Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria and Sierra Leone have also done the audits but did not attain the accreditation. They are already working to address the gaps identified in their audits. Furthermore, Zimbabwe Red Cross postponed their audit due to the humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe. Sudan, Somalia and Tanzania have yet to conduct their audits.

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