Johannesburg Summit
Taking Charge: A Leadership Meeting for African Red Cross Red Crescent Societies
(7 - 8 August 2004)

Algiers Pan African Meeting
Meeting between NEPARC Interim Committee and selected Donor National Societies
(12 September 2004)

Nairobi Joint Meeting
Meeting Between NEPARC and Key Partner National Societies
(22 August 2005)

Sebastopol Board Meeting
Outcomes from the NEPARC Board Meeting
(4 May 2006)

Sebastopol Joint Meeting
Outcomes from the Meeting between NEPARC and Key Partners
(5 May 2006)

Addis Ababa General Assembly
Outcomes from the NEPARC General Assembly
(4 August 2006)

Addis Ababa Joint Meeting
Meeting of NEPARC and Key Partners
(5 August 2006)

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