It is clear from Strategy 2010 that the Federation and the Red Cross Movement must find new ways of working. In this regard, NEPARC has developed a valuable working relationship with Fritz Institute. As a founding member and an enabling partner, Fritz Institute will assist NEPARC to achieve its goals of operational and program excellence and self-sustainability.

Fritz Institute is a non-profit organization that assists the vulnerable of the world by strengthening and injecting new ideas into organizations that are already performing valuable humanitarian work, such as the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies. The Institute serves as the "enabling partner" and will provide building blocks for NEPARC to elevate the capacities of participating organizations to objective and measurable world-class standards.

Most success stories in Africa are never shared with the world. Fritz Institute will also help promote such success stories and also draw attention to the inherent and growing capacity of NEPARC and its members.

Fritz Institute and NEPARC have agreed to a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding.

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