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© 2005 Fritz Institute
NEPARC General Assembly Meeting
August 4-5, 2006
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Front Row (Left to Right):
Takele Jemberu, Ethiopian Red Cross, Lynn Fritz, Fritz Institute, Winnie Ngugi, Fritz Institute, Paul Birech, Kenya Red Cross, Shimelis Adugna, Ethiopian Red Cross, Asha Mohammed, Kenya Red Cross, Alemtsehay Abera, Ethiopian Red Cross, Dalmari Steward, South African Red Cross Society

Back Row (Left to Right):
Remi Martin, Fritz Institute, Luke Greeves, American Red Cross, Peter Kabanda, Rwandan Red Cross, Martha Keays, American Red Cross, Desiree Bliss, Fritz Institute, Chief Nweze, Nigerian Red Cross, Tom Buruku, Uganda Red Cross, Michael Nataka, Uganda Red Cross, Peter Hangula, Namibian Red Cross, Leopoldo Suarez, Spanish Red Cross, Nicholas Young, British Red Cross, Andrews Frimpong, Ghana Red Cross, Abbas Mohammed, Sudanese Red Crescent

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