IT Solutions To International Aid Challenges
Lack of effective technology solutions is a major impediment to disaster relief. A Fritz Institute study conducted after the December 2004 tsunami found that among the 18 largest humanitarian organizations in the world, only 26 percent had access to track-and-trace software. Instead, most relied on homegrown technologies, spreadsheet-based solutions, or manual processes for tracking goods in the field.

The Humanitarian Technology Council dynamically addresses this shortcoming. The Humanitarian Technology Council is made up of information-technology executives from global corporations and their counterparts in humanitarian organizations who come together to identify technology solutions that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of relief operations. We believe that commercial best practices in technology, adapted to the unique context of humanitarian assistance, can streamline the delivery of the right aid to those in need when they need it.

The Humanitarian Technology Council:

  • Identifies IT projects and solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of relief operations
  • Increases collaboration between private and humanitarian sectors and leverages corporate IT capabilities to reduce one-of-a-kind solutions and waste
  • Works with Fritz Institute to test ideas, develop technology projects, and implement field solutions for relief agencies
  • Works with Fritz Institute and relief organizations to develop standards and measurements for success that can be applied across the humanitarian sector

The Humanitarian Technology Council meets quarterly. Contact us to learn more.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce Center for Corporate Citizenship, US Corporate giving in response to the December 2004 tsunami totaled over $565 million.
The partnership between International Rescue Committee, Fritz Institute, and private industry is an excellent model to enable the humanitarian sector to benefit from world class methods.
- Jon Olson,
Director of Global Logistics, Intel Corporation
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