CORPORATIONS FOR HUMANITY   Benefits and Opportunities
It's an unfortunate fact of life: disaster relief is a growing market. In the 1970s, natural and manmade disasters affected about 50 million people per year; in 2002, the number was 600 million. Earthquakes, floods, and human-caused catastrophes are not going to disappear, and the need for assistance is increasingly urgent and significant.

Meanwhile, corporations are eager to do the right thing-to show more heart through social action, and to bring the full impact of their resources and expertise to a world in need.

Involvement in Corporations for Humanity allows companies like yours to leverage your philanthropy while sharing corporate best practices in operations, technology, and supply chain management with the humanitarian sector.

You benefit from Fritz Institute's extensive network of relationships within both private enterprise and the humanitarian relief sector. You multiply your impact exponentially by partnering with your industry-sector peers. And by working with Fritz Institute, you leverage your investments over multiple projects and organizations for greater social return and impact.

All project investments:

  • Focus on strengthening the operations of humanitarian organizations
  • Increase human and operational capacity in the field at disaster sites where people most need the help
  • Are held to strict performance measurements and metrics

Learn more about membership in Corporations for Humanity.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce Center for Corporate Citizenship, US Corporate giving in response to the December 2004 tsunami totaled over $565 million.
The partnership between International Rescue Committee, Fritz Institute, and private industry is an excellent model to enable the humanitarian sector to benefit from world class methods.
- Jon Olson,
Director of Global Logistics, Intel Corporation
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