Meeting between NEPARC Interim Committee and selected Donor National Societies
12 September 2004

The Commitment to Cooperation and Coordination
At a meeting recently held in Algiers between some African National Societies and some Partner National Societies, the following concerns were expressed:

  • The limited response by the Movement to the increasing humanitarian needs in Africa
  • The capacities of Africa National Societies including issues of:
    • good governance, transparency and accountability in all their activities
    • relationships with governments, partners and other stakeholders
  • The challenges currently facing the International Federation

The African National Societies expressed their determination to take charge of responding to the humanitarian crises in their respective countries and to redefine their vision and relations with their governments and other stakeholders.

This Commitment to Cooperation and Coordination is intended to rekindle a spirit of partnership in Africa. It recognises the decisions and commitments of the statutory bodies of the Movement. It is inspired by the Johannesburg communiqué that was shared with both African National Societies and Partner National Societies attending the 6th Pan-African Conference. The Johannesburg meeting resolved to establish the New Partnership for African Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (NEPARC).

Both African National Societies and Partner National Societies commit to continuing the implementation of the Strategy 2010, the Ouagadougou Commitments and the Algiers Plan of Action. African National Societies and Partner National Societies recognise the need to do more to maximise the potential of the Movement to serve vulnerable people in Africa. We are therefore jointly committing ourselves to the following:

  • Implementation of the Ouagadougou Declaration and the Algiers Plan of Action
  • Promoting good partnership in Africa by:
    • Recognising that the needs of vulnerable people are paramount
    • Accepting and confirming the mandate and role of African National Societies in their own countries
    • Mutual accountability
    • Transparency
    • Mutual trust, respect and inclusiveness within the framework of the Fundamental Principles
    • Continuing an open and honest dialogue
    • Developing a stronger Federation supported by an effective Secretariat

The Algiers Joint Commitment represents a point of departure. The African National Societies and the Partner National Societies jointly recognise the importance of a strong Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, to which they commit their active support.

To achieve this, all parties will re-examine their working modalities within their respective organisations and in the context of broader formal and informal consultation groups.

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