MAY 5, 2006

Tom Buruku                        - Chairman (Uganda Red Cross Society)
Shimelis Adugna                - Vice Chairman (Ethiopia Red Cross Society)
Monique Coulibaly              - Board Member (Cote D'Ivoire Red Cross)
Dalmari Steward                - Board Member (South Africa Red Cross)
Paul Birech                        - Representing Focal Point (Kenya Red Cross Society)

Markku Niskala                   - Secretary General (International Federation of Red Cross
                                             and Red Crescent Societies)
Pierre Duplessis                - Secretary General & CEO (Canadian Red Cross Society)
Jose Garcia-Lozano         - General Manager, International Operations and Tsunami
                                            (Canadian Red Cross Society)
Matthias Schmale              - International Director (British Red Cross Society)

Lynn Fritz                          - Fritz Institute
Anisya Thomas                 - Fritz Institute
Desiree Bliss                     - Fritz Institute
Winnie Ngugi                     - Fritz Institute and NEPARC
Razia Essack-Kauaria      - Board Member (Namibia Red Cross Society)
Chrystold Chetty               - Board Member (ACROFA)

Purpose of the Meeting
The purpose of the meeting with the NEPARC Board of Directors, IFRC and invited Partner National Societies was to update all parties on the progress that NEPARC has made since its inception in 2004, describe its current initiatives and discuss existing and future forms of collaboration between and among National Societies and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The meeting began with a NEPARC progress report which included a presentation on the three audits that NEPARC members undertake which comprise the Fritz Standard of Humanitarian Excellence: the Governance, Accountability and Transparency Audit (SGS), the Program Effectiveness Audit and the Sustainability Audit. Another key session was devoted to the African Capacity Building Initiative or 8NS Initiative to discuss ways of strengthening the collaboration in the future.  The meeting concluded with an honest dialogue around partnerships to identify new ways the Federation could support National Societies as well as ways Partner and African National Societies can work together in mutually beneficial ways.


International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: Closer partnership with NEPARC
  • The Secretary General of the IFRC recognized the progress of NEPARC and agreed to write a letter to IFRC headquarters and Africa field staff recognizing NEPARC as an important partner.
  • The Federation committed to providing NEPARC with a complete calendar of IFRC meetings and events in Africa as well as invitations to key meetings related to Africa.
  • The IFRC will undertake the creation of an electronic newsletter, in collaboration with Fritz Institute and NEPARC, focused on the different Africa initiatives, including NEPARC, that would be sent to African National Societies, Partner National Societies and external partners working in Africa.
  • The American Red Cross Society is seriously considering undertaking the Governance Audit.
  • The Federation reiterated its commitment to providing CHF 100,000 to support NEPARC in its capacity building initiatives.

Partner National Society Participation in the Governance Audit: Good Partnership emerges from equal partners
  • NEPARC commended the Spanish Red Cross Society for undertaking the Governance Audit.
  • The Canadian Red Cross Society has committed to participating in the Governance Audit in July.
  • The Board of Directors of the British Red Cross Society approved its undertaking of the Governance Audit which will take place in early 2007.
  • The American Red Cross Society is seriously considering undertaking the Governance Audit.
  • Fritz Institute, which maintains the relationship with the Governance Audit implementing agency (SGS) and has secured a package price for audits, will pay for the PNS audits and invoice National Societies at cost.  The Institute will also ask each PNS undertaking the audit for a subsidy to cover the cost (with no markup) of one ANS audit.  The price for the Governance Audit in Europe is $7,750 while the cost in North America is $8,850.  Each ANS audit costs $7,500.

The 8NS Initiative: Collaboration and Synergy to avoid duplication of resources
  • The NEPARC Board reiterated that the 8NS Initiative is an outgrowth of NEPARC as a result of discussions in Nairobi and Geneva during 2005.
  • The NEPARC Board and the PNS pledged to work together on the Initiative.
  • The 8NS Initiative was strongly advised to clearly define and articulate the definition of capacity building and metrics of success before the commencement of significant work. It was also encouraged to create a transparent channel for disseminating the learning from the Initiative.
  • It was suggested that the Governance Audit should be the standard benchmarking tool for the Initiative and that the Initiative should further consider the utilization of the Program Effectiveness Audit and Sustainability Audit tools when they are created.
  • It was suggested that the 8NS should pay for the audits and re-audits of the 4 ANS and 4 PNS as part of the Initiative.
  • The Board informed the Partner National Societies that NEPARC received a request from the 3 participating NEPARC members for help in a) Creating a coherent document describing the impediments needed to be overcome for long-term PNS collaboration to succeed and b) Preparing for the October Mozambique meeting.
Communications: Clear and Open Channels
  • In order to ensure efficient communication with NEPARC, all future e-mail communications should be sent to and copied to the Chairman, Tom Buruku (, and Vice Chairman, Shimelis Adugna (
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