CHL Student Donates One Scholarship

2012 Scholarship Awards

Fritz Institute Announces Thirty Full-Tuition Scholarships for Humanitarian Logistics Certification Courses

CHL Student of the Year

Launch of Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) 2.1

2011 Scholarships Awards

Certification in Humanitarian Logistics wins European Supply Chain Excellence Award

Fritz Institute Announces 30 Scholarships for the Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program

Lynn C. Fritz recognized by Purpose Prize for innovation, extraordinary contribution in encore career.

Fritz Institute releases December 2008 Newsletter

Fritz Institute releases 2007 Annual Report

Fritz Institute Recognizes San Francisco Community Organizations for BayPrep Disaster Resilience Achievements

Fritz Institute Names Paul Jacks Program Director Of Bayprep Initiative

Fritz Institute to Improve Relief Organizations? Response with New Supply Chain Management Training Course

Fritz Institute Names Robert Sproul Chief Executive Officer

Fritz Institute Announces International Medical Corps as Founding User Of HELIOS -- Groundbreaking Software To Manage Humanitarian Organizations' Relief Chain Logistics

Fritz Institute Releases HELIOS -- Groundbreaking Software To Manage Humanitarian Organizations' Relief Chain Logistics

Fritz Institute Announces Kebour Ghenna Executive Director of NEPARC

Fritz Institute Launches Bay Area Preparedness Initiative

Fritz Institute' s Unique "Certification in Humanitarian Logistics" Program Establishes a Standard of Expertise for Relief Workers Worldwide

Fritz Institute Launches Disaster Operations Training Program To Ensure Help Arrives When And Where It's Needed Most

60 Percent of Pakistan Earthquake Survivors Still Diplaced, Vulnerable To Coming Winter

Fritz Institute-Harris Interactive Katrina Survey Reveals Inadequate Immediate Relief Provided to those Most Vulnerable


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According to a Fritz Institute study, only 10% of those affected by Hurricane Katrina reported receiving assistance locating loved ones in the first month after the hurricane.
Fritz Institute's special expertise is in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and it provides the leading edge in logistics for that chain of need. And this is indeed a vital role, because when disaster strikes, help that arrives too late is actually no help at all, and even a few hours can spell the difference between starvation and nourishment, destruction and survival.
- Madeleine K. Albright
Former US Secretary of State
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