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Saturday, November 3, 2006
Quail Hill Conference Center, Lynmar Winery, Sebastopol, California

Preparedness Literature Review

On November 3rd, 2006, some of the nation’s top academics and practitioners met with Fritz Institute and spoke to the literature on measures and metrics of disaster preparedness. 

The experts included Dr. David Simpson, Director, Center for Hazards Research and Policy Development, University of Louisville; Dr. Susan Cutter, Director, Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute, University of South Carolina; Dr. Michael Lindell, Senior Scholar, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M University; Dr. Dennis Wenger, Senior Scholar, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M University; and Todd Davison, Manager Gulf Coast Services Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

These reviews were provided to each of the participants at the Disaster Preparedness Conference.

+ Disaster Preparedness Conference
There is a sense of urgency in the Bay Area emergency management community. We are facing the prospect of a catastrophic disaster. We know there are vulnerable people who can't survive a disaster. We need to make sure we can tie the resources and services to them quickly to reduce suffering. It's important to address the immediate operational needs of ensuring that we are able to execute when the time comes.

  –Jim Aldrich
   Office of Emergency Services & Homeland Security
   Disaster Preparedness Division
   City and County of San Francisco
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