October 22-23, 2004
Hilton Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, California

Front Row (left to right):
Sharon Reaves, Fritz Institute; Sunny Choi, Hardware; Kristina Kohler, Software; Ludo Oelrich, TPG NV; David Morton, World Food Programme; Anisya Thomas, Fritz Institute; Jo Van Nunen, Erasmus University; James Molzon, Solectron; Mitsuko Mizushima, Fritz Institute; Alan Court, UNICEF/United Nations Children Fund; Jim Hartigan, Integres; Graham Napier, Tradebeam; Richard Gervais,; Christophe Besmer, Fritz Institute

Back Row (left to right):
Martijn Blansjaar, MSF, Holland; Chris Weeks, DHL; Mark Haselkorn, University of Washington; Steve Leventhal, Fritz Institute, Mrs. Diane Rittenhouse; John Rittenhouse, KPMG; Mary-Lou Quinto, Genentech; John Rickard, International Rescue Committee; Hau Lee, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Lynn Fritz, Fritz Institute

If you simply give money, it is one thing to one organization. If you give services or create technology, this can be replicated by every other humanitarian aid organization. This means you get leverage and the result factor is bigger - Lynn Fritz

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