November 11-12, 2005
Quail Hill Vineyard — Sebastopol, California

Front Row (Seated, left to right):
Jo Van Nunen, Erasmus University; Kassia Queen, Fritz Institute; Paul Brannon, Charles Schwab; Winnie Ngugi, Fritz Institute; Dean Lane, Varitools; Laura Kopczak, Dartmouth College; Jon Olson, Intel; Lynn Fritz, Fritz Institute; Anisya Thomas, Fritz Institute; Nan Buzard, American Red Cross; David Roberts, Microsoft; Mich Mizushima, Fritz Institute; Melissa Pailthorp, Microsoft; Steve Leventhal, Fritz Institute;

Row 2 (Standing, left to right):
Anoop Trivedi, IrisLogic; Nilesh Malpekar, Blue Star; Leon Curchack, BearingPoint; Alberto Turano, Universita degli Studi di Brescia; David Gonsalvez, General Motors; Gilles Marion, Oxfam-GB; Martin Bush, IFRC; Edward Tomlinson, BearingPoint; Robert "Rusty" Patterson, Individual Contributor; Eric Johnson, Dartmouth College; Carsten Voelz, CARE International; Michael Allsup, Harcourt Education; Bob Connors, Individual Contributor; Andreas Wohlert, Merlin; Remi Carrier, Humanitarian Logistician At Large; Luk Van Wassenhove, INSEAD; Paul Molinaro, UNICEF

If you simply give money, it is one thing to one organization. If you give services or create technology, this can be replicated by every other humanitarian aid organization. This means you get leverage and the result factor is bigger - Lynn Fritz

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