CHL 2.1
Fritz Institute is pleased to announce the imminent launch of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) 2.1 on April 15, 2012.
Users will find the updated CHL 2.1 content reflects developments in the humanitarian world and best practices in logistics. To ensure the program continues to meet the needs of humanitarian community, the content changes were overseen by the members of the Certification Advisory Group, which includes Heads of Logistics and Logistics Training for CRS, ICRC, MSF-Holland, MSF-Belgium, Oxfam - GB, Save the Children, UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP. The press release regarding the launch of CHL 2.1 is available here.
As of 15 April 2012:
  • All new students will be started with CHL 2.1 materials
  • Students experiencing difficulties with the original CHL will be advised to move to 2.1
  • All other current students and graduates will have the option to download a copy of 2.1 and transition if they wish
    • Those individuals not interested in downloading 2.1, will be able to read the full details of the revised content in a guide - e-mail Fritz Institute ( for a copy.
Content Update
Content updates were overseen by the Certification Advisory Group (CAG) to ensure the content of the program continues to reflect best practices and meet the needs of humanitarian actors. Specific content updates include:
Unit 1 - Humanitarian Supply Chains: The Cluster Approach and the Logistics Cluster; The Role of and Interacting with the Media
Unit 2 - Warehousing and Inventory: Block Stacking; Checking Goods Received; Order Size; Warehouse Safety; Disposal by Burning
Unit 3 - Procurement: Transport Procurement Processes
Unit 1 - Transport: Helicopters, Vehicle Drive Trains; Route Planning and Scheduling; Container Capacities
Unit 4 - Fleet Management: No major changes required
Unit 5 - Import/Export and International Commerce Practices: Kyoto Convention; International Trade Facilitation Organizations; Updated Incoterms
Unit 6 - Managing a Humanitarian Supply Chain Response: Networking with Humanitarian Logisticians
Techinical Update
The reality-based case study, 'SCILaid', has been overhauled to be more intuitive for users and graphics have been renovated, doubled in number and reorganized to reinforce the new navigation structure.
The layout is now similar to common websites, with navigation through standard drop-down menus and side bars. Drop down menus, across the top of the screen, can be used at any time to navigate directly to main pages from anywhere else in the Scenario.
More detailed information can then be accessed from the menus on the side
And at any time, you know your location.

Before enrolling, please review course information carefully to help determine the best course for you.
For individuals interested in CHSCM, please complete the checklist and return it to Upon receipt of your completed checklist, you will be contacted to discuss the best way forward.
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