The Effective Disruption Management Seminar was made possible by the sponsorship of Fritz Institute, M.I.T. and Stanford University.

Fritz Institute addresses complex challenges in the delivery of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people around the world by collaborating with the private and academic sectors to mobilize expertise, technology and resources.

The M.I.T. Center for Transportation & Logistics is a world leader in supply chain management education and research. CTL has made major contributions to the supply chain field and helped numerous companies to gain competitive advantage from its cutting edge research. Graduates of CTL's programs occupy senior management positions in virtually every industry, and continue to use its resources to update their knowledge and skills.  

Stanford University's Forum on Global Supply Chain Management is a partnership with industrial organizations that works to advance the theory and practice of global supply chain management. As a leading research institute in the area of supply chain management, Stanford's Forum seeks to identify, document, research, develop, and disseminate best practices as well as innovations to advance knowledge and teaching in global supply chain management.

The Stanford Center for Social Innovation fosters innovative solutions to social problems by enhancing the leadership, management, and organizational capacity of individuals and institutions pursuing social value creation. The Center promotes solutions through a unique combination of interdisciplinary research, teaching that extends beyond the classroom, and engagement with those who lead social change.
If you simply give money, it is one thing to one organization. If you give services or create technology, this can be replicated by every other humanitarian aid organization. This means you get leverage and the result factor is bigger - Lynn Fritz

+ Effective Disruption Management Seminar 2005
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