An individual membership association for humanitarian logistics professionals.

HLA's mission is to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian logistics in order to improve service delivery to aid beneficiaries by:

  • Increasing professionalism in humanitarian logistics
  • Building a community of practice to develop and disseminate supply chain best practices and knowledge
  • Providing recognition and visibility to the critical role that logistics plays in the delivery of humanitarian aid

HLA Background
Since 2003, Fritz Institute has convened an annual Humanitarian Logistics Conference (HLC) in Geneva, Switzerland, where the heads of logistics and emergencies at the world's largest relief organizations gather with distinguished professors from leading universities to discuss common challenges faced in humanitarian logistics. The conference serves as a community of practice for the discussion of emerging trends and collaborative approaches to addressing the difficulties experienced in the delivery of humanitarian aid.

In a groundbreaking moment at HLC 2005, participants created and signed the Marco Polo Declaration forming a professional humanitarian logistics association. Marco Polo Declaration signatories committed to establish an association which would serve as a catalyst to enhance the professionalization of humanitarian logistics and the recognition of its strategic role in the effective delivery of relief during humanitarian crises. The association, with a secretariat at Fritz Institute, has created a steering committee to develop recommendations for its structure and priorities.

For more information, please visit HLA's website:

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