The benefits that HELIOS provides fall into four major categories:
Maximize impact of humanitarian relief efforts

For humanitarian organizations looking to maximize their impact, HELIOS humanitarian supply chain software provides tactical supply chain visibility, from mobilization to warehouse. Whether in the field or the headquarters office, online or offline, HELIOS software users share a common view of the humanitarian supply chain. The HELIOS platform provides macro and micro views and reports from a variety of angles. Tactical visibility improves coordination across all operating units of an organization, improving accountability and ensuring that donor funds, goods and services have maximum impact on those in need. The vision for the HELIOS platform extends beyond optimizing the needs of single humanitarian organizations. The project is building a community of HELIOS software users united around the common goal of optimizing the global supply chain. The HELIOS user group meets regularly to direct the evolution of the software and prioritize future enhancements.
Improve efficiency of humanitarian supply chain operations

For humanitarian organizations that need to become more efficient, the HELIOS supply chain platform provides views to a common source of data, improving coordination across all operating units of the organization. HELIOS is the first and only application to automate logistics processes at both the headquarters and field levels and provide tactical visibility from each of these perspectives. Designed with extensive input from humanitarian logistics professionals to function under the most demanding disaster situations, HELIOS software is equally capable of automating the routine, day-to-day supply chain activities that allow humanitarian organizations to mobilize instantly when emergencies arise.
Enhance the relationship between humanitarian organization and donors

For humanitarian organizations that need to enhance their donor relationships, the HELIOS supply chain platform provides users with the ability to trace donations as they move through the entire supply chain. Organizations obtain accurate information about all of their donations, from cash to in-kind goods and services. HELIOS software offers supply chain visibility from the donor perspective, enabling organizations to monitor and report on donations, improve donor communications, and engage donors more deeply in the work of the organization.
Flexibility, affordability, ease of implementation and use

For humanitarian organizations that need a flexible and state-of-the art supply chain solution, HELIOS software offers a modular design customizable to the organization's specific needs. Organisations can employ on a few core modules - generating goods received notes and waybills directly from in-kind donations or purchase orders - or leverage additional modules such as Mobilization, Procurement and Warehouse. HELIOS is a web-based application that will be available to humanitarian organizations for an affordable monthly charge to cover the software maintenance and support of the project.

Larger organisations are likely to host HELIOS themselves. Smaller organisations might select the Software as a Service model, where HELIOS is hosted by a data centre and all installation, backup and administration is handled by a hosting partner.

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