Is an open-source based, complete IT solution for the humanitarian supply chain.

  • ... Enables field teams to manage program supply chains as integral part of project cycle (assess – plan – implement),
  • ... Uses the fact that within the sector, 75% of SCM IT needs are the same across agencies,
  • ... Was specifically developed for being deployed in poor infrastructure and for users with low IT literacy.
  • ... Provides real-time access to information to enhance decision-making at every level through the aid process.

Successful implementation at Oxfam show the solution can cut the time and cost of paperwork in half, giving aid workers more time to work directly with local populations delivering life-saving assistance faster. The solution enables interagency coordination and increased agency accountability to the public and the donors from multilateral and bilateral agencies. With core concepts derived from a review of system requirements across the sector, and functional design and testing involving the participation, since 2005, of more than a dozen organizations, HELIOS has emerged directly from field practice and information needs in programs.

For more information please contact Fraser Stephens at

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