The Humanitarian Technology Solutions program at Fritz Institute develops technology systems to address the unique supply chain needs of humanitarian organizations. Our solutions seek to solve common challenges facing humanitarian organizations and donors including:
  • Increased relief chain velocity
  • Increased timeliness and accuracy of information for decision-makers at headquarters and in the field
  • Enhanced institutional memory across the relief chain
  • Improved return on donation
In September 2004, Fritz Institute was named a Tech Laureate by The Technology Museum of Innovation (San Jose, CA), a prestigious award given annually in recognition of social entrepreneurs who successfully leverage technology to benefit mankind. [more]

Humanitarian Logistics Software (HLS)
Fully implemented in September 2003, HLS was built in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to address their unique supply chain needs. [more]

HELIOS provides complete visibility across the humanitarian supply chain from mobilization to warehouse. Employing an ASP model, HELIOS enables simultaneous use of the software by multiple NGOs providing recovery and long-term reconstruction services in disaster areas around the world. [more]


Case Studies
Managing Information in Humanitarian Crisis: UNJLC Website
Can Heroes Be Efficient? Information Technology at the International Federation of the Red Cross

Forced Migration Review: Marrying logistics and technology for effective relief

Diseases from filthy water and sanitation kill over 2 million people a year - many of them slum children.
HLS has been an enabler for Logistics to regionalize operations to a regional level where the Federation can be more attuned and effective in delivering disaster response and assistance to approximately 30 million people annually. It has helped to ensure standardization and conformance for our business processes on a global scale. As a result, improved and timely visibility of the supply chain has allowed us to respond faster and more cost-effectively to the most vulnerable.
-Birgitte Stalder-Olsen,
 Head of Logistics and
 Resource Mobilization Department
 International Federation of Red Cross and
 Red Crescent Societies
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