Supply Chain Image   The Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions program brings best practices, training and resources to humanitarian logistics, a function vital to effective relief. Learn how the Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program is increasing the proficiency and expertise of disaster relief response while providing a career path for logisticians.
Technology Image   Our Humanitarian Technology Solutions fulfill the need for technology applications that can measurably improve the operational efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian relief efforts around the world. Learn how the HELIOS software solution brings order to humanitarian supply chain management.
BayPrep   BayPrep brought together local government, corporate, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area in a joint effort to identify gaps in disaster preparedness and develop ways to measure and improve preparedness and response capacity in the region.
Capacity Building Image   The Institute catalyzes the creation of networks of humanitarian organizations where peer support, mentoring and learning from each other are key strategies to develop local capacity. In partnership with the corporate and academic sectors, we develop standardized tools to measure their ability to provide relief to the most vulnerable in their own communities. Learn how we helped local Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Africa to to measure and strengthen their governance, financial sustainability and program effectiveness.
Humanitarian Impact Image   Learn how we pioneered the development of beneficiary feedback as a method to objectively assess and effectively communicate the impact of humanitarian aid to donors, governments and the public.
The tsunami which devastated Bande Aceh on 26 December 2004 left 164,000 people dead or missing and over 400,000 homeless. It rapidly became the most reported and well-funded disaster in history. Over 200 humanitarian organizations - plus 3,000 military troops from a dozen countries - arrived to offer aid.
What is special about this tsunami is...the damage stretches across thousands of miles and involves millions of people. That produces a huge logistical challenge for international organizations and aid agencies: how to get relief supplies and, later, reconstruction assistance to so many places at more or less the same time
- The Economist (January 1, 2005)
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