Luchtzak Aviation
Airlift to After Christmas Disaster (December 30, 2004)
New Initiative Launched To Strengthen Africa's Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies
(December 30, 2004)

Africa Online
New Initiative to Strengthen Africa's Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (December 7, 2004)

VOA News
New Initiative to Strengthen Africa's Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (December 7, 2004)
The Fritz Institute: Triggers for Innovation - New Models for Change and Social Entrepreneurship (November 19, 2004)

STS Nexus
The Affymetrix Health Award (November 10, 2004)

Special Delivery, Lynn Fritz (September 2004)

VOA News
Leaders of Mayor African Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies Met this Past Weekend in Johannesburg (August 9, 2004)

Humanitarian Practice Network
Humanitarian Relief and the Media: Making the Relationship More Effective
(July 2004)

UN Chronicle
Aid Organizations and the Press (June 29, 2004)

Shipping Digest
Seeking Relief: Logistical Challenges Confront Humanitarian Agencies
(May 24, 2004)

Civil Society Observer
Toward New Understandings: Journalists & Humanitarian Relief Coverage
(April - May 2004)

The Hoya
Humanitarian Efforts Face New Obstacles (April 30, 2004)

OCHA News Centre
Statements and Speeches by Jan Egeland, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator in 2004 (April 28, 2004)
Study Identifies Ways News Organizations, Aid Groups Can
Improve Crisis Coverage (March 22, 2004)

Chronicle of Philanthropy
Better Press Skills Could Help Relief Groups (March 18, 2004)
Crisis? What Crisis? (March 13, 2004)

Times Online
Aid Agents Need Better PR (March 9, 2004)

Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma
Humanitarian Stories and the Media (March 4, 2004)

Columbia News
Columbia Survey: Low News Priority of Humanitarian Crises Result of Mismatch of Press Resources, Needs (March 4, 2004)
Un Estudio Se�ala las Deficiencies en la Relacion Entre ONG y Medios en
Situaciones de Crisis (March 3, 2004)
Humanitaire Rampen Strijden om Aandacht (March 3, 2004)
ONG T�m Dificuldades No Relacionamento com Jornalistas, Diz Estudo (March 3, 2004)

Reuters AlertNet
Charities Face Dilemma: Food Parcels or Press Releases (March 3, 2004)
Aid Agencies Squeezed for Press Work (March 3, 2004)

USAID FrontLines
Fritz's Logistics Savvy Improves Relief Delivery (February 2004)

GovNet Communications, BIGRED
The World's Emergency Service (January 2004)

International Aid & Trade Review
Elevating Humanitarian Logistics (January 2004)
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