Corporate Partners: Making A Friend Before You Need A Friend
(November 6, 2006)

Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
Nonprofits Eager for Fritz Study of Area's Ability to Handle a Disaster
(November 3, 2006)

Inside Bay Area
Are We Ready To Handle Disaster?
(November 2, 2006)

Palo Alto Daily News
Local Shops Key To Disaster Training
(November 1, 2006)

San Jose Mercury News
Disaster Readiness In Bay Area Assessed
(November 1, 2006)

Harvard Business Review
Disaster Relief Inc.
(November 2006)

Baltimore Sun
Md. Readies for Animal Rescues In Emergencies
(October 15, 2006)
Kashmir Earthquake Survivors Face Another Freezing Winter
(October 13, 2006)

Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)
New Law Puts Funds at Risk: States Must Help Pets
(October 11, 2006)

Fritz Institute Lecture on Humanitarian Relief
(October 10, 2006) (San Francisco Chronicle)
States Must Help Save Pets New Law Puts Funds At Risk If Animals Are Not In Disaster Plans
(October 10, 2006)

Philanthropy News Digest
Majority of Pakistan Earthquake Survivors Still Displaced, Study Finds
(October 6, 2006)

Christian Post
60 Percent of Pakistan Earthquake Survivors Still Displaced One Year Later
(October 6, 2006)

Asian Tribune
Many POK Families Vulnerable to Coming Winter
(October 6, 2006)
Pakistan A Year After The Quake: Successes and Disappointment
(October 6, 2006)
60 PC Quake Survivors Still Displaced, Says Report
(October 5, 2006)

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Victims Of Pakistan Disaster Still Require Aid
(October 5, 2006)

Yahoo Finance
60 Percent of Pakistan Earthquake Survivors Still Displaced, Vulnerable to Coming Winter
(October 5, 2006)

Fritz Institute Launch Report - "Surviving the Pakistan Earthquake: Perceptions of the Affected One Year Later"
(October 5, 2006)

Qualification in Humanitarian Logistics
(October 5, 2006)

Evaluations and Lessons Learned: South Asia Earthquake - Oct 2005, Surviving the Pakistan Earthquake: Perceptions of the Affected One Year Later
(October 4, 2006)

Inbound Logistics Mexico
3PL Negocios inusuales, Los 3PL actuales nunca dicen nunca
(October 2006)

Newsweek International
Relief When Your Need It:
Can FedEx, DHL and TNT Bring the Delivery of Emergency Aid Into the 21st Centery
(September 11, 2006)

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
The Changing Tide of Aid Provision (Summer/Fall 2006)
Business Unusual:
Today's 3PLs Never Say Never
(July 2006)

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Listening to tsunami Victims:
Treating Aid Recipients Like Valued Customers Gives Insights Into Disaster Relief
(Spring 2006)

DC Velocity
A Solution to the Aid Crisis? (March 2006)

Fast Company
The Fast 50: # 28 Lynn Fritz (March 2006)

UN Chronicle
Improving Aid Effectiveness
Two Studies Suggest Solutions
(January 16, 2006)

New American Media
tsunami Funds Sitting in Banks While Victims Languish in Tents (January 16, 2006)
Disaster Management 101 (January 12, 2006)
Stanford Business School Offers DVD on Disaster Relief Management (January 11, 2006)

The Hindu Business Line
Efficient and Caring (January 6, 2006)

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