The Immediate Response to the Java tsunami:
Perceptions of the Affected

Recovering from the Java Earthquake: Perceptions of the Affected


Surviving the Pakistan Earthquake:
Perceptions of the Affected One Year Later

Hurricane Katrina: Perceptions of the Affected  


Recipient Perceptions of Aid Effectiveness:
Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation in tsunami Affected Indonesia,
India and Sri Lanka
    Powerpoint Presentation: tsunami Rehabilitation Effectiveness Survey

Logistics and the Effective Delivery of Humanitarian Relief

TOWARD NEW UNDERSTANDINGS: Journalists & Humanitarian Relief Coverage
Media Study - Executive Summary
Media Study with Appendices
In Ivory Coast, 3.5 million vulnerable persons, including 500,000 internally displaced people are affected by the ongoing crisis and insecurity. Acute malnutrition is most alarming in the Northwest, with chronic malnutrition prevalence rate of 34.4%.
Fritz Institute has filled a void and already added a lot of value by bringing together the business, humanitarian logistics and academic worlds. Their work has been timely and effective towards building knowledge about the best practices and challenges of humanitarian logistics.
-Luk Van Wassenhove
Henry Ford Chaired Professor of Manufacturing,
INSEAD University
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