World Vision regional operation

Today we toured World Vision’s warehouse and food distribution at Lumene. The controls, knowledge of the area and food distribution practices in this community were outstanding.
We were reminded of the importance of the local community serving as the ongoing central control to achieve the ultimate goal of relief and ultimately turn any crisis around. In Bulawayo, the village residents organized and controlled the food distribution in an extremely orderly fashion.
World Vision’s methods of registration and analysis of food need on a per family basis was very innovative, and the coordination with the village leaders was particularly effective..

I was very touched by the enormity of the need and left believing that if the local population had sufficient food and water, they could make great strides toward long- term solutions to their problems. However, this alone would not do the trick, as we could see how the political and economic climate was suffocating the hope of progress.

This was definitely one of the most moving days of my life. To put it simply, the need of those suffering from starvation is hard to express in words and the images we see on television only begin to tell the story.

Lynn Fritz

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