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Perspectives: A Tsunami Journal

Photo by Max Martin
Three women who braved the waves
Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu

Bhupati, Shanta and Dhanalakshmi are married to fishermen and live in Keechankuppam village, one of the worst hit in the tsunami with 769 deaths. "We were washed away, rolled by the waves, hurt all over," says Bhupati. "Still my body hurts after a prolonged treatment and 40 injections. " For the first three days after the tsunami, it was the local people who fed and cared for them, and they found shelter in a local temple, their clothes torn and sticky with salt left by the waves. Dhanalakshmi lost two of her children - boys aged seven and four - while two others aged six and two survived. "Police and officials came after three days, and NGOs much later," she notes. Clothes came as part of aid, much of it old and useless.
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