Performance and Preparedness: Lessons from the tsunami
December 15, 2005
Taj Coromandel - Clive Duplex
Chennai, India

On December 15, 2005, nearly one year after the tsunami, Fritz Institute hosted a conference in Chennai, India to reflect on lessons learned during the rescue, relief and rehabilitation phases. Titled Performance and Preparedness: Lessons from the tsunami, the conference brought together representatives from government, aid agencies, the private sector, the media and the beneficiary community. Also presented were the results of a year-long study, sponsored by Fritz Institute, of NGOs and the perceptions of the affected populations in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The second part of the study, Recipient Perceptions of Aid Effectiveness: Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation in tsunami Affected Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, was released December 6, 2005. Finally, this event also recognized several humanitarian organizations that have been identified by aid recipients as providing excellent service.



Jaya News (Tamil)
Performance and Preparedness: Lessons from the tsunami
(December 17, 2005)

In Sri Lanka, the 2004 tsunami claimed over 35,000 lives and left half a million people homeless. More women died than men.
I think it is unprecedented...the work of Fritz Institute is remarkable especially in understanding the views of the
affected...and it will contribute a great deal.
- Lt. General V.P. Malik
Former Chief of Army Staff, India
+ India tsunami Event
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